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Support for the Implementation of National Biosafety Framework of Lesotho (NBF) – Four Years (2011 – 2015 extended to 2018)


The Project, Support for the Implementation of National Biosafety Framework for Lesotho, was designed to build capacity to implement the Biosafety Legislation of Lesotho and to meet Lesotho’s international obligations under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. The was implemented between July 2011 and July 2018, with the following objectives;

  • To integrate biosafety and biotechnology into national development plans
  • To establish a fully functional and responsive regulatory regime in line with Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and national needs
  • To have a fully functional system for handling requests and applications
  • To set up a system for monitoring environmental effects
  • To establish fully functional systems for public awareness and education, public participation in decision making and access to information

The project targeted government line ministries, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, schools, institute of higher learning, customs officials, media and farmers.

Capacity Building

Training of national scientists on LMO detection

Training of trainers on biotechnology and biosafety

Training of personnel on handling requests or application

Training of personnel on emergency response

Training of personnel on risk assessment and risk management

Training of personnel on monitoring of environmental effects

Training of inspectors on LMO inspection activities

Awareness Workshops

Workshop for Civil Society Organisations on Public Access to Information and Participation in Decision-Making on Approval of Genetically Modified Organisms

Workshop for Customs and Border Control Officers on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Workshop to Mainstream Biotechnology and Biosafety into Training Courses (Curriculum)

Workshop for Media Practitioners on Effective Communication of Biotechnology and Biosafety


Biosafety Study Tour to the Republic of South Africa

Lesotho National Biosafety Committee Study Tour to Republic of South Africa



NBF Brochure 303.10 KB 48 downloads


CPB Brochure 157.65 KB 50 downloads


Cloning Brochure 2.64 MB 39 downloads


BT Maize Brochure 2.46 MB 41 downloads


BCH Brochure 200.20 KB 50 downloads


Types of Biotechnology Brochure 4.58 MB 53 downloads


Genetic Engineering Brochure 1.16 MB 70 downloads


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