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Below are services offered by the department.

– Providing education about the environment.

– Promoting awareness on issues concerning the environment.

– Advicing developers on projects that need  Environmental Impact  Assessment( EIA).

– Providing environmental clearance for projects that require EIA.     .

-Monitoring ongoing projects.

– Collection and generation of environmental data.

– Coordination of environmental data exchange nationally, regionally and internationally.

– Establishment of the environmental reporting system.

– Offering permits for Harvesting and Exporting of wild plants.

– Offering permits for keeping and exporting wild animals.

– Facilitating safe collection and disposal of hazardous waste.

– Developing standards and guidelines for pollution control.

– Inspections for pollution sources and recommendation of mitigation measures.

– Coordination of Multilateral Environmental Agreements(MEAs).

– Mobilizing resources for donor funded projects and programmes related to the environment.

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