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Our Projects

In an effort to save our world, create and maintain an environment that is good for every living thing, The Department is involved in the following projects internationally and locally

Current Projects

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Multi-Country Project to Strengthen Institutional Capacities on LMO Testing in Support of National Decision Making (MCP-ICLT) – Four Years (2017 – 2021 extended to 2022)

Scope The MCP-ICLT is a...

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RAF9065- regional 4yr (2020-23) project

RAF9065- regional 4yr (2020-23) project with same focus as LES9005, establishing regulatory infrastructure in those countries where such do...

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LES9006- 2 yr (2021-22) continuation of LES9005

Focus is on establishing Radiation Protection Agency and training new staff on authorization and inspection activities.

Closed Projects

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Following the inscription of Maloti Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site (MDPWHS) in...

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The aim of the project was to undertake Site level Assessment of...

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Support for the Implementation of National Biosafety Framework of Lesotho (NBF) – Four Years (2011 – 2015 extended to 2018)

Scope The Project, Support for the Implementation of National Biosafety Framework for...

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