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Divisional Mandate

The Division of International Liaison and Programmes Coordination is responsible for coordinating implementation of (1) all Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) that Lesotho is a party to such as United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and (2) Global Environment Facility (GEF) including GEF Small Grants Program (GEF-SGP).

How Division Implements Its Mandate

The above mandate is achieved by doing the following:

  • Creating awareness about MEAs to which Lesotho is a party
  • Coordinating implementation of MEAs to which Lesotho is a party by among others convening MEAs National Coordinating Committee (MEAs-NCC) meetings and facilitating regular monitoring and reporting on implementation of MEAs implementing projects and/or programs
  • Creating awareness about GEF and GEF SGP
  • Training stakeholders on development of project proposals for GEF and GEF-SGP funding
  • Facilitating development of compendium of national projects for GEF funding and other donors
  • Securing GEF funding for environmental projects by e.g. reviewing submitted project proposals, preparing endorsement letters and submitting these and project proposals to GEF Secretariat
  • Tracking utilization of GEF funds by e.g. regularly monitoring implementation of GEF-funded projects, updating GEF-funded projects matrix and participating in GEF-funded project steering committee meetings
  • Facilitating successful implementation of GEF SGP by e.g. participating in National Steering Committee (NSC) meetings, reviewing proposals submitted by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and monitoring implementation of GEF-SGP funded projects
  • Facilitating reporting on implementation of Departmental projects to MTEC Planning Unit, inclusion of Departmental projects in the Ministerial budget as well as facilitating receipt of donor funds from GEF and other donors to implement environmental projects and/or programs

The Division is currently implementing the following main environmental programs and projects:

    1. Coordination and implementation of about 10 Multilateral Environmental Agreements
    2. Coordination and implementation of national GEF program
    3. Coordination and implementation of national GEF-SGP program
    4. “Review of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and Preparation of 5th national Report to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity” Project. The objective of this GEF-funded project is to assist member’s states in their efforts to update and revise their national biodiversity strategies and action plans in line with national development goals as well as to prepare fifth national reports to CBD.

      The project has four components of:

      • Stocktaking and assessment
      • Setting national targets, principles & main priorities of the strategy
      • Strategy and action plan development
      • Development of implementation plans and related activities
    5. Ministerial and/or Departmental administrative duties as well as technical duties of other DOE Divisions
    6. Any other assigned duties


  • Mr Maboi Mahula

Assistant Environment Officer


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  • Ms Rorisang Thamae

Assistant Environment Officer

  • Motlalentoa Mabejane

Assistant Environment Officer

  • Mr Mokhoele Pitso

Contact : +266 22320534

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