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Training of national scientists on Real Time PCR LMO detection Methods (Qualitative)

03 – 07 May 2021, National University of Lesotho, Roma The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture, through Multi Country to Strengthen Institutional Capacities on LMO Testing in Support of National Decision Making, funded by United Nations Environment Programme – Global Environment Facility (UNEP/GEF), under the guidance of Regional Agricultural and Environmental Innovation Network for… Continue reading Training of national scientists on Real Time PCR LMO detection Methods (Qualitative)


To enhance DoE capacity to manage environmental data. To aid in providing a holistic view of the physical environment, resource availability, allocation as well as economic, socio-cultural, and ultimately human welfare conditions and trends through Environment Outlook Report (EOR). To interface with other on-going initiatives in Lesotho to develop data and information for different aspects… Continue reading Objectives


The Department of Environment formarly known as the National Environment Secretatiat (NES) was established in April1994 and is currently under the ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture. The Department of Environment is a lead agency for environmental management and promotes socio-economic and environmental sustainable development.


The mandate of the Department of Environment is aligned with section 36 of the Constitution (1993), which states that: “Lesotho shall adopt policies designed to protect and enhance the natural and cultural environment of Lesotho for the benefit of both present and future generations and shall endeavour to assure all citizens a sound and safe… Continue reading Mandate


To promote and ensure that the present and future developments of the country are socio economically and environmentally sustainable.


To co-ordinate, advise , and regulate environmental management at all levels in the nation and advance the application of environmentally sound technologies and concepts. To set standards, guidelines and monitor compliance to Environmental Management Plans. To disseminate information regularly on environmental issues and ensure Lesotho’s adherence to environmental treaties and international conventions to which it… Continue reading Mission

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