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Regional Validation Workshop
The workshop which was organised jointly by Africa Institute and Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture attracted participants from Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia

The mandate of the Department of Environment is aligned with section 36 of the Constitution (1993), which states that: “Lesotho shall adopt policies designed to protect and enhance the natural and cultural environment of Lesotho for the benefit of both present and future generations and shall endeavour to assure all citizens a sound and safe environment adequate for their health and well-being.”

  • To co-ordinate, advise, and regulate environmental management at all levels in the nation and advance the application of environmentally sound technologies and concepts.
  • To set standards, guidelines and monitor compliance to Environmental Management Plans.
  • To disseminate information regularly on environmental issues and ensure Lesotho's adherence to environmental treaties and international conventions to which it is a party.
  • To empower and create awareness among local communities and other stakeholders on conservation of the country's environment to achieve sustainable development.

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