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 The three networks mentioned here all produce newsletters and publications, that are free of charge. Membership may
 be obtained by contacting the networks on the indicated e-mails addresses.

 Forest Trees and People:
 E-mail: fankenya@africaonline.co.ke
 Website: www.ftpp.or.ke or www-trees.slu.se

 Plants and People Initiative:
 E-mail: peopleandplants@cybernet.net.ma
 Website: www.kew.org.uk/peopleplants

 Rural Development Forestry Network:
 E-mail: forestry@odi.org.uk
 Website: www.oneworld.org/odi/


 Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) is an umbrella body for NGOs in Lesotho. Information about environmental NGOs may
 be obtained from the Council: Bag A445, Maseru, phone: 317205. LCN homepage www.lecongo.org.ls lists 23 NGOs in
 Lesotho dealing with the natural environment.

 Rural Self-help Development Association (RSDA), P.O. Box 523, Maseru West 105, phone 311279. RDSA implements
 the Sustainable Land Use Programme and other activities in Mafeteng and Mohales Hoek districts.


 Bethel Business and Community Development Centre: Link from www.lesoff.co.za E-mail: bbcdc@maf.org P.O. Box 53,
 Mt Moorosi, 750 Lesotho. The centre works with solar energy and sustainable agriculture among many other
 environmental issues. Training courses are offered.

 Care Lesotho, Maseru. Phone 314-398, e-mail: careles@lesoff.co.za . Among other projects, Care Lesotho runs the
 Highland Community Forestry Project near Katse Dam.

 Helvetas. Box 708, Maseru 100. Phone 317875. E-mail: helvetas@lesoff.co.za . Community Projects/Natural Resource

 Lesotho Environmental Information Network (LEINET), Institute of Education, National University of Lesotho. Arrange
 environmental seminars and provides training in environmental information management. Phone: 340 369.

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