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 Information Centres

 Sechaba Consultants, Orpen Rd, Maseru. Phone 316-555. Open during work hours. Entrance fee: M 20; students M 5.
 Photocopying available (M 0.30 per page).

 United Nations Information Centre, UN House, UN Road, Maseru. Phone: 313 790. Open Monday-Thursday 8-17; Friday
 8-13.30. The centre has a reference library with UN publications, reports, films and videos. Publications are available for
 consultation at the library and under certain (strict) regulations on loan. Photocopying available (in limited numbers).

 Transformation Resource Centre, Carlton Centre, 3rd floor, Kingsway, Maseru. Open weekdays 10-16.30. Library with 
 books and videos. Mainly books on social sciences, but also some environmental books. General public can consult 
 books at the library (fee M 1 per day). Members can borrow books (yearly membership fee M 30, students M 15).
 Photocopying available (M 0.30 each).


 LHDA Library, 3 Floor, Post Office Building, Kingsway, Maseru. Phone 313 830. Open weekdays 8-12.45; 14-17.

 National University Library (opened workdays 8.30-22.00) and the Documentation Centre of the Institute of Education
 (8.30-13; 14.30-16.30), both located within the university campus in Roma. Phone 340 601.

 CD-ROM libraries
 World Environmental Library (45,000 pages concerning the environment, covering e.g. biodiversity, energy, water and
 waste management). Available for consultation at State Library.

State Library
Books and reports regarding environmental management are available for consultation. The library opens from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm during working days and opens on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.


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