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 Lesotho Environmental Information Centre at NES (e.g. State of the Environment in Lesotho 1997, Biological Diversity
 in Lesotho, The Indigenous Forests of Lesotho and NEYC manuals on Community Forestry and Land Management).

 Sechaba consultants, Orpen Rd, Maseru has a number of environmental reports, books and videos for sale.

 Maseru Book Centre, Kingsway 214. Maseru. General book store with some environmental books.

 Mafeteng Development Project, Lower Prison Garden 12, Maseru 100. Phone: 323 391. “Medicinal plants and herbs of
 Lesotho” is sold at the office.

 CNA Book Store, LNDC Centre, Kingsway. Wildlife (plants and animals) books.

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