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The Mandate of the Environmental Planning Division is to coordinate the process of strategic environmental planning at national and district levels


    • To provide technical backstopping and guidance in the development of national and district environmental action plans every five years
    • To support and supervise the implementation of the Department’s programme of work at the district level
    • To support preparation of environmental management plans by line ministries
    • To integrate environment issues into national policies, laws and development plans
    • To monitor implementation of the national environment programme

Current projects:

    • LES9006- 2 yr (2021-22) continuation of LES9005. Focus is on establishing Radiation Protection Agency and training new staff on authorization and inspection activities. More info attached.
    • RAF9065- regional 4yr (2020-23) project with same focus as LES9005, establishing regulatory infrastructure in those countries where such do not exist. Focus is on drafting practice specific guides, development of a system of notification, trainings on licensing, inspection, enforcement and establishing radiation sources registry