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 About DoE
 Environmental Planning

 The Department has the following Divisions:-

 Environmental Impact Assessment and Pollution Control Division

 The objective of the division is to set standards, guidelines and monitor compliance to Environmental Management 
 Plans. It ensures that present and future developments of Lesotho, are socio-economically and environmentally
 sustainable. This division reviews Environmental Impact Statements of Projects and thus supplies approvals to projects
 that comply with the set standards. The Division is currently manned by one Principal Environment Officer, one Senior
 Environment Officer and two Environment Officers.
 Data Division

 The key function of this Division is to serve as a clearing-house for all environmental information in Lesotho. The
 Division is also responsible for the State of the Environment reporting in Lesotho. At present, the division is manned by
 one Senior Environment Officer and one Environment Officer. Within the division, there is a Committee on Environmental
 Data Management (CEDAMA) and this was established by Government in 1999 with one main objective of advising the
 Government, through the Department of Environment, on the management of environmental data in the country. The
 membership of the Committee has been drawn from a diverse background including government departments,
 parastatals, and the private sector

 It was established with a view to overcoming problems relating to poor quality of data; unavailability of data; lack of
 current data; unwillingness to share data/information; and data not being collected at regular interval (data gaps).


 Education and Outreach Division

 The Division represents the Department of Environment in all matters involving environmental communication with the
 public, private sector and individuals. Information is disseminated in various ways including the press, radio, traditional
 public gatherings, formal meetings and workshops. The section also contributes to curriculum reviews and promotes
 incorporation of environmental issues in both formal and informal education. The section is currently manned by one
 Acting Principal Environment Officer, one Senior Environment Officer and an Environment Officer.

 The Biodiversity Conservation Division

 The Biodiversity Conservation Division’s main objective is to promote and support conservation of indigenous flora and
 fauna. The Division issues guidelines and prescribes measures for the conservation and sustainable utilization of
 biological diversity, both in-situ and ex-situ. Working together with Local Communities, the Division identifies areas of
 biodiversity significance and establishes and co-manages such areas as Protected Areas. The Division has
 administrative staff based in Maseru (Lesotho National Parks) and Butha Buthe (Lesotho Northern Parks) and parks’
 management staff based at the respective protected areas (Sehlabathebe, Tsehlanyane, Bokong and Liphofung).

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